10 Posters That Show What’s Funny About Our Present Generation!


Just like Pokemon Go, people on the street are busy to find a free WiFi connection

Internet addiction Poster

It is as if they are finding aliens on another planet. This has increased the road accidents quite a lot.

Previously, people used to wash their hands before eating food. Now, people takes photos of the dishes and post them on social media channels and this is how the appetite gets fulfilled.

For present generation, all the junk foods are good and all the good nutritious food are bad. The rate of diseases has increased like never before and it is the food taken that is to be blamed for it.

People have got addicted to headphones so much that they forget to remove it even when they are not listening to music. Even some fall into sleep wearing it as if they are protecting themselves from cold.

Yes, a picture can speak a thousand words and inspired from that came smiley. People use them all the time and even when expressing serious emotions.

People stay on Facebook for more time in a day than they stay at their home. Staying online on Facebook is a mandatory thing just like wearing clothes all the time.

Google has become larger than life. Before you write or post something, you need to google and copy paste stuff. The creativity is lost and human beings are more like xerox machines now.

Previously, changing underwear was a must thing but now changing profile photos on social media sites and apps is the first thing people do after getting up from sleep.

Selfie has become such a trend that people take it even when they should not like in bathroom, while having physical intimacy and even with dead bodies.

When you have a long hierarchy of folders and if the last folder ends with a garbage name, you know what you friend has kept in that folder. That is the thing of enjoyment with fake pleasure!



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