5 Anti-Aging Food That Can Make You Look Young Magically


In today’s world, the signs of aging start from as early as when you are 20 years old. There are loads of factors why signs of aging appear so fast such as air pollution, lack of skin care, too much of junk food, exposure to blue light from smartphones, and likewise.
Everybody wants to look younger than their age and try out all the products in the market to retain their youth. However, most of them fail to deliver the desired result.
But there are certain natural foods and drinks available that can pertain you anti-aging property. You should definitely include the following items in your daily diet.

  1. Turmeric –

This is an original Indian spice that can prevent the signs of aging appearing on your face and other body parts effectively. It is known for anti-inflammatory property and it also helps to reduce arthritis issues such as knee pain. Besides, applying it directly on the skin helps improve the skin tone.

How To Eat – You need to take it with vegetable curry and it should be an integral part. Besides, you can add it to scrambled eggs or prepare a turmeric latte.

Anti-Aging Food

2. Berries –

Berries of any types whether it is blackberries, blueberries, strawberries or cranberries, whichever is available in your area, you should include them in your diet. They are considered as super food as they have high antioxidant content. They help eliminate the free radicals in our body that we gather from junk food and outside pollution.

How To Eat – You can eat them raw in the breakfast or evening. You can also have them with Greek yogurt or as smoothies.

Anti-Aging Food

3. Beans –

There are various types of beans available in the market such as lentils, chickpeas, and much more all of which are rich in protein and fiber. Apart from anti-aging property, it helps in getting rid of constipation and stabilizing blood sugar level.

How To Eat – You can add to your salad, make smoothies of beans as well as roasted snacks.

Anti-Aging Food

4. Cocoa –

Cocoa is always linked with better heart condition. But Cocoa is a great item to prevent the signs of aging as well as reduce the signs, if you already have them. Cocoa can revitalize your skin and bring back the lost glow with regular consumption.

How To Eat – Make unsweetened cocoa powder-based smoothies.

Anti-Aging Food

5. Green Tea –

Green tea does not need any explanation and apart from the various smoothies we have suggested above, green tea is a natural drink. You should replace your coffee and regular tea with green tea. It is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

How To Drink – Have one to two cups of green tea and you can add honey for sweetening and better skin result.

Anti-Aging Food


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