6 Secret Tips From World Famous Shahnaz Husain To Beat The Heat


Summer is the worst time for your skin and hair. That is why you need to take ultra care of your skin in the summer and protect your hair from the sun. You will not get tan and skin issues with the secrets world famous shahnaz husain beauty tips , We have listed the best tips shared by her and she manages popular celebrities in Bollywood.

1. Rose Water Magic

Rose water has the capacity to perform as a natural toner and is also a good coolant. It is advisable to keep a small amount of rose water in a small bowl inside a fridge that makes it cool and ready for use. It is better to wipe the skin numerous times a day which helps in maintaining better condition of your skin during summer. Apart from this, cucumber has the capacity to remove oiliness.


2. Secret of Marigold Flower

It is suitable if you dip the marigold flower in warm water whole night. This can turn out to be a useful product if we add yogurt and sandalwood paste in it in order to form an efficient working smooth paste. After that, its regular application on face avoiding the area of eyes and lips can turn out to be very protective for your skin during summers.


3. Fruit Pastes

A paste made of fruits is also one of the useful pastes in order to protect your skin from the heat of summer. There are many fruits which are suitable for skin such as banana as well as orange. Its regular application and washing it after 30 minutes turns out to be vital for maintaining the good condition of the skin. Banana has the capacity to tighten the skin, and apple helps in toning the skin.


4. Desi Multani-Mitti

The powder of Multani-Mitti is one of the important powders that are must when it comes to protecting your skin from the heat of summers. It is advisable to mix Multani-Mitti with a tablespoon of rose water and applying it regularly allows you to maintain and enhance the quality of your skin during summers.


5. Caring For Your Hair

The best way to take care of your hair and protecting it in summer is to cover it efficiently with a scarf or your dupatta. There are many other options for you to protect your skin in an effective way such as carry an umbrella that is big in size which allows you to have better and reliable protection over your hair during immense heat of summers.


6. Tea and Lemon Water

It is suitable and advisable to protect your hair during summers by using tea and lemon water in order to get shiny and silky hair. It is better if we boil tea leaves in a few cups of water and after that cooling the liquid. It is better to use the water as a last rinse after shampoo.



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