8 Kisses To Ignite Your Passions: A Small Guide


Kissing. Ummah! The sense of kissing passionately your partner will stimulate your senses and arouse you’re most minimalistic of sensual cells in your body. It is the beginning of happy endings.

Moreover, it brings you closer to your partner. Research showed that kissing each other every day after coming home and hugging each other, will make your relationship last longer than ever. It is a pure passion ignitor and stimulator of senses.

Slowly and steadily, get ready for serious business. It also stimulates your hormones and relieves you from stress. So get ready folks, it’s gonna be a good time.

Pure Indulgence. Guaranteed.

8 Kisses To Ignite Your Passions: A Small Guide


Single Lip Passionate Kiss

Catch a single lip and get going. It gets the lust going and excites you in all senses and organs required to stimulate your body.


Upside Down Like a Spiderman

This one is a tough one to do. Remember Peter Parker from the movie Spiderman? Well, this one is straight out of this flick. Don’t try this at home sticking your whole body out in the balcony.


Wicked Sensual Kiss

This can get you stimulated anytime anywhere. Much like a french kiss but something less than that.


Lingering French Kiss

The most passionate kiss between the two. tongues collide in the steamiest kiss and you end up salivating on each other. The thoughts will linger in your mind for a long time to come and may make you drool for more.


Small Pecks Here & There

You simply play with each other. A simple peck on the cheek or catching the lip out of nowhere. It is playful and surely will turn you on for better and happy endings.


Bidding Farewell Kiss

Sad news here. When one of the partner departs from the other, the result is the most amazing of kisses. Pure love and passion, which enthralls every sense of your body.


Passionate Sexual Kiss

Its one of the most passionate of all kisses. You are basically throbbing yourself on each other and try to get the most out of every single moment. At the end of the steamy session, you will surely have sore lips.


Icy Kiss

Put a cube of ice in your mouth and kiss your partner like anything. Kiss on till the ice melts in your mouth and drink the water together. Savvy?




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