Being BOLD is always beautiful.


Today we all speak up of equality between man and woman, and it’s very hard but true to believe that very few of us practice in reality. The video here depicts the true fact behind it. A woman working hard to bring the company at its best level is always ignored when it comes to promotion. Here is the first time you can observe inequality between men and women. However brilliant women have their track record, she might have also worked some extra hours for the development of the company, but in the mid if she caught pregnant her importance just vanishes by saying that, “Baby you don’t take more stress, you need to take rest” and in the name of her rest, authorities forget their contribution towards the company and the country and give their authorities, responsibilities and all comforts to someone else just because she is pregnant, here is the best example of the inequality between man and woman.

A woman who can give feed her child for 9 months in her womb and give them birth can do anything, as shown in the video by Radhika Apte, never work at a place where your qualities are just being used for their development. Instead, be bold, show some courage, understand your capabilities and start on your own. You can do anything if you wished to do it.


Learn to take a Bold Step

A woman is not to just give birth to a baby, she had all the rights and equality in our society and she understands this and has to stand firm even if she is alone. A woman should learn to take bold steps for their future independently.


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