Facts About Farts You Never Knew Before


Farts have strange behavior. They tend to tickle your noses and irritate your souls to the fullest.

Here are some facts about farts that will blow your mind. I bet you never knew before.

Facts About Farts You Never Knew Before


Fact # 1

You produce about 500 to 1,500 milliliters of gas per day and expel it in 10 to 20 farts


Fact # 2

99% of the gas produced doesn’t smell. Keep Farting!

Fact # 3

Gum and Soda can make you fart more

Fact # 4

You don’t mind the smell of your own farts…….because its yours.

Fact # 5

You can light a fart on fire

Fact # 6

No, you can’t hold in a fart until it disappears


Fact # 7

Starving your fart-producing bacteria ain’t good for your health.



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