Get in Shape and Burn Fat while Sleeping


Spending hours and hours in the gym does help in reducing body fat, sometimes drastically and some times marginally. There is also a very simple technique where you can Burn Fat While Sleeping. If you may know sleeping is the time when maximum muscle and tissue repair takes place in the body. That is why it is always recommended to have 6 hours of sound sleep to fully recuperate the body and employing some steps while doing will enable your body to burn a lot of fat as well.

Make sure you are set for a Sound night of sleep

Draw the curtains, keep the noise away. Switch off laptops and read a book before going to bed.


Avoid Salt in Dinner

The salt stays in your body throughout the night making you feel bloated. Opt for a meal with steamed vegetables and less salt.


Physical Activity in the evening

An exercise or just a walk, any sort of physical activity in the evening will keep up your metabolism and help you sleep better.


Keep your bedroom dark

It is known that melatonin helps the body produce more brown fat to burn calories. Melatonin is produced by the body when it is in total darkness.


Lower the Heating

Keeping to lower heating forces the body to produce more heat itself in keeping warm. Hence burning more calories.



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