Press this point on your leg for a minute and see what happens is the amazing!!

Sometime in the distant past, there was a Japanese man who picked up an exceptionally precious information from his dad – Zu San Li-“the purpose of longevity” or “the purpose of a hundred sicknesses”. After that, the man rehearsed this point day by day and kept on living to watch births and passing’s of a few rulers.

All things considered, kneading focuses are one of the antiquated techniques for treatment in East and this strategy has demonstrated valuable in curing various maladies. The human body comprises of 365 focuses and 12 noteworthy meridians which are like the quantity of days and months in a year.

All things considered why this point is called “purpose of hundred infections”? How about we know it.

1) Question comes Where is this “point of hundred diseases” located in our body?

The point Zu San Li is situated underneath the kneecap. In China, it is called “purpose of life span” and in Japan “purpose of hundred infections”.

Press this point on your leg for a minute


2) In case, you are not able to find the point, do this

Cover the knee with the palm of your hand and you will discover the point between the nails of the little and ring finger in the example of little wretchedness between the bones. On the off chance that despite everything you don’t discover it-sit on the floor and raise your feet, the most elevated point you find on rise is Zu San Li.

Press this point on your leg for a minute


3) It is also responsible for functioning of:

The digestive tract, kidneys, sexual organs and adrenal organs. With the act of this point, the action of adrenal organs boosts which is the most effective organ in charge of human well being.

Press this point on your leg for a minute


4) The point controls the operation of the spinal string and lower half of body.

Press this point on your leg for a minute


5) Different advantages incorporate direction of invulnerable framework and enhanced absorption.

Press this point on your leg for a minute


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