How To Burn Fat Without Burning Muscles?


We have to burn fat every time the fat content in our body increases beyond the limit. We go for exercising and dieting to lose fat, but in process, we lose more of muscles than fat. It is a natural process for the body to burn muscles(protein) along with fat. It is unhealthy for the human body to lose hard-earned muscles. The following is the list of 5 steps to burn fat without burning muscles.

Step 1 – Strength Training and Muscle Hypertrophy

Pure strength training helps to build up of muscle fiber. However, only strength training cannot maximize the muscle building process. You need to combine with muscle hypertrophy for an intense muscle building workout and in the process, you will burn fat without cutting down muscle. What you basically should do is do five heavy reps followed by 30 seconds of rest and then go for three reps and repeat the same interval and then go for 2 more heavy reps. You can keep on increasing the weights but maintain this 10 reps schedule.


Step 2 – Slow and Light Aerobic Cardio Training

Cardio training is great for burning fat. However, intense cardio can lead to loss of muscles along with loss of fat. You should go for light and slow aerobic exercise such as walking on a treadmill with a slight incline, light jogging, slow pedaling on a bike and likewise. It will also help you to recover well from intense strength training.


Step 3 – Start Eating Lean Protein

It is true that with loss of fat, you will lose some protein and hence, your muscles will be affected. This is why you need to consume some amount of protein. Your diet should have more protein than fat and carbs. You will not loss muscles during the cutting phase and the best lean protein ingredients are lean meats, nuts, fish and eggs. You can also have protein supplements.


Step 4 – Carbs After Workout

A lot of people ignore carb to burn fat but carbs are not evil. Even if you are very ambitious in your leaning phase, you should not ignore carbs. After an intense workout session, your energy needs refueling and therefore, having carbs after working out is perfect. Carbs like baked potatoes, a small bowl of rice and sweet potato can be the best option. The carbs will be used for reenergizing and not transformed into fat.


Step 5 – Optimal Caloric Deficit

The sudden crash is your diet will make you lose your muscles rapidly. Instead, you should do it gradually. It can spark fat loss more than protein loss. Along with that, you should check the body-fat percentage regularly. Include more protein forming ingredients and less of fat forming food items.
Apart from that, you should ensure that you should sleep eight hours at night. It is an integral part of recovering from daily training and less caloric diet. The muscles will recover and rebuild in due time. 



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