incredible magic tricks revealed


Magic tricks are my favorite since childhood. Before learning about those tricks I used to think that whether they really posses some supernatural power, Is this just a trick, If it is a trick then how do they do it? Like me you must have gotten fooled multiple times. Levitation, cutting people into pieces and many others like that never failed to leave you in awe.
Nah! No more tricks, Now I’ll tell you the truth behind those tricks. Levitation, cutting people into pieces

Oh see! How they had been fooling you since childhood. incredible magic tricks


You see the same girl but wait! It’s not the same girl but two different girls in two different boxes

Woman in the air! incredible magic tricks

You think chairs are there on purpose? Nah! Chairs have nothing to do with this trick. You think, woman is levitating but in actual she is held by the metal rod.

Cut it, Cut it! incredible magic tricks

Oh that person is about to get cut. Nah! It’s just a trick to make you fool. Basically model adjust itself, to the space, available. And yes what you see after it is the artificial pair of legs.

Sadhu’s! The Rockstars

Every time you see, a person levitating in the air, tell them you know the tricks. Such sadhu’s sits comfortably on their chair, doing

Moon Walk Oh baby Moon walk

Ever thought how he walks against gravity? He had the special mold to which the shoes get stuck. Now! you can do it to

Where is the body?

See! This way, the body goes in and you get dumb by their magic


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