Lap Dance Of LARGEST Dogs To Their Owners Gone Viral


We all love to have a dog that fits easily in our lap, which is not very heavy and not taking up excessive space. But this can be true only when you have a puppy. As they grow old, their size increases exponentially. Lap Dance Of LARGEST Dogs To Their Owners Gone Viral. We as a human understand they are not fitting in lap anymore but for them, an owner’s lap is the best place where they feel loved and happy. Sharing some of the funniest lap dogs which are cuddling in the owner’s lap. Lap Dance Of LARGEST Dogs

Fluffy Dog

LOL, he just doesn’t know he is a not small puppy anymore! So cute! Actually, he is emotionally attached. Can you imagine the feeling of that thin lady?


Gigantic Creature

OMG!! Is it a dog? I think it’s a horse!!LOL!! But really this dog would be the perfect partner. Just see the red face of that guy. It can be due to the dog’s weight or due to dog smell. But as of now we can just imagine and laugh.


6 ½ Feet Monster

My god!! She is 6 ½ feet tall English Mastiffs!! But this dog is really pretending that she’s still a puppy!! Deeply loyal to their families, Mastiffs make excellent companions. If you are feeling lonely, have one.



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