Most Bizarre Fashion Accessories Celebs Wear In Events


We all know that celebs always opt to wear weird dresses and accessories to make headlines and be in the limelight. However, some of these weird dresses become subjects of immense trolling as they are completely bizarre. Today, we are listing down the most bizarre fashion accessories that celebs did not hesitate to put on.

Most Bizarre Fashion Accessories Celebs Wear In Events

Teardrop Jewelry

Do you wear or want to wear contact lenses? If your answer is yes, you can club it with a piece of jewelry named Teardrop.As strange as it may sound, it is something which does exist in this world.This jewelry is created by the Dutch designer, Eric Klarenbeek, who made use of flowers, crystals, and wire to create it.With the help of the wire, the jewelry will hang from your contact lenses. When it gets sun exposure, it shines like glitters.


Botox-Injected Handbags

We usually hear that our pretty actresses go under the knife or take the help of Botox injections to look younger and more beautiful.Have you ever heard of leather bags being injected with Botox? Quite experimental, right? Well, there is a fashion designer, named Mauro Orietti-Carella, who does like to experiment with accessories. He discovered that with Botox injections, the quality of leather increases and the leathers look bright and vibrant.


Animal Around the Neck

Imagine a live mouse inside a cage-like neck piece wriggling in your neck. This is the most impossible thing to comprehend and yet, this kind of jewelry does exist in this world. Surprised or shocked?


Ice Jewelry

Don’t you sometimes wish to carry a bucket of ice in hot weather conditions? Well, it seems the Dutch designer, Katharina Ludwig fulfilled your wish. She makes jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, and rings made of real ice, of course, the jewelry would be of one-time use.


Denture Bracelet

Bracelets are generally made of beautiful beads,crystalline stones or metals. However, there is a certain kind of bracelet that is made of a set of teeth. Weird, isn’t it?


The Nubrella

If you are bored of using the regular umbrellas, you can replace them with the Nubrellas. With this unconventional umbrella, you need not have to hold the shaft or handle. All you need to do is to fasten the Nubrella on to your shoulders. This would protect your head, neck, and shoulders from rain, ice or Sun exposure. You also don’t have to worry about poking people around you with the rib-tips that you find in ordinary umbrellas.



Gentlemen, you can also now wear leggings, though in your case it would be called Meggings. While this is not yet accepted by the common people, a lot of fashion designers are interested in this new taste of apparel.



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