Press The Forefinger For 60 Seconds – This Trick Has Gone Viral


The human body is filled with many veins and nerves and is interlinked with each other. The feeling of any pain is first passed to the brain. The various veins present in our hands are connected to many other internal organs in our body. Whether it’s the brain, eyes, kidneys, heart, lungs or liver, all the parts show some reaction when we gently massage our fingers. Here we discuss the role of various fingers and their relation to other body organs.

Press The Forefinger For 60 Seconds


The Reflex Actions

There are claims that show how reflexology works. For some, it is even better than taking medicines. Every point in our hands are linked with each other and certain pressure on it can help reduce the problem if we know the points correctly.


The Role Of Thumb

The nerves of the thumb are linked to your lungs and heart. If you have got fast heartbeat or complications in breathing then rubbing or pulling the thumb can help you benefit from it.


The Index Finger

The role of the index finger in treating constipation is very effective. Just press your pointer finger for 60 seconds and you will get some ease. Our stomach is directly connected with the index finger.



Middle Finger

If you are experiencing insomnia, nausea or dizziness then try to stretch your middle finger and gently rub it. The middle finger is linked with the heart, respiratory system, blood circulation, and even small intestines.



Ring Finger

Rubbing your ring finger can reduce depression. It also brings a feeling of peace and relaxation. Try rubbing it if you ever have dwindling moods or have a feeling of anxiety.


The Pinky Finger

Rubbing your pinky finger will keep your kidneys healthy. Further, if you have headaches or neck pain then it will also relieve you from it.



The Palm

The palm is known to have various benefits. Clapping of your hands increases your blood circulation and it also helps with your central nervous system.


Brain representation

All the fingers of the human hand are linked to the brain. When we press a certain point on any finger then it passes through the brain and from the brain it passes it to the organ concerned. It is often known to give relief to certain brain disorders.


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