Real Life Superhumans in World


We are only used to seeing Real Life Superhumans in world or more specifically superheroes in Hollywood movies. All of us secretly wish to be like them but we think that it is just impossible. Well, here are top ten Real Life Superhumans in world among us that you could never imagine.

1. Miroslaw Magola – The Magnet Man


This guy can create a magnetic field around him and attract any metallic thing around him as if he is a giant magnet. Fortunately enough,he is Real Life superhumans in world, he is a friendly person otherwise he could have done a lot of damage.

Gino Martino – The Human Anvil


This guy can smash anything with his skull. He has broken concrete, metallic objects and he loves to showcase his power in public. 

Wim Hof – The Ice Man


This guy does not feel cold at all. He can sit on the snowy mountains without any clothes and that too for years. He holds the world record to take an ice bath in the tub for 2 minutes at a stretch. He can literally control his body temperature.

Natasha Demkina – The X-ray Girl


Well, not exactly X-ray type but she can see a lot of things even when you can wearing all the dresses. She can see the internal organs and bones structure. 

Ben Underwood – The Batman


He is the true batman but not in the sense you are thinking. He can do echolocation, the same technique that bats use to detect an object in its path. He was blind and could produce sound to detect and predict the exact object. 

Michel Lotito – The Metal Man 


This guy can eat anything such as metallic object.He holds the record of eating an entire airplane in a matter of two years. apart from that,he loves to eat cycles,TV sets and you should never bring this guy in your home. 

Tim Cridland – The Painless Machine


This guy does not feel at all.He holds a name in the Guinness Book of World Records for having maximum pain tolerance.He likes to do live shows where he subjects himself to extreme pain without reacting anyhow.

Rajmohan Nair – The Electric Man


This guy has the maximum electricity tolerance in his body.He can tolerate 30 times more than anyone else on this planet.He has done many experiments on himself without feeling a shock.

Jyothi Raj – The Spiderman


He is the true Real Life Superhumans in world.He can climb wall and hills upwards and top to bottom in backward director without any ropes.That is worthy of calling the amazing Real Life Superhumans in world.


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