Top 10 Exceptional Strongest Kids In The World


No one should underestimate the kids as they are capable of exceptional things. When we think of bodybuilders, we think of alpha men. But there are kids who can do things that even the grown-ups cannot dare to do. The following is the list of the strongest kids in the world that you won’t believe ever after seeing them.

Strongest Kids In The World

1.    Andrey Kostash

This strong kid has the capacity to do 4000 pushups at a time. This needs almost 2 hours for him to complete for which he was upset because his capacity was 6000. He is one of the strongest kids with lots of strength.



2.    Yang Jinglong

This guy has the capacity to pull the heavyweight van for long-distance. He has lots of strength and belongs to China. This guy has a weight of 110 pounds and his parents were sure from his childhood that their sin has something special.


3.    Narayana Noumova

This strong girl belongs to Russia and is one of the strongest kids in this world. At the age of 15, she participated in an event in which she bench pressed the weight of 331 pounds and she was the first girl to complete this event at that age.


4.    Liam Hoekstra

Liam Hoekstra Strongest Kids In The World. It is very interesting to know that when she was 5 months old she was able to hold and control her weight easily. Apart from that when she was 3 years old she was performing fast and instant pushups.


5.    CJ Center

This guy sells fitness DVDs and performs exercise regularly. He prefers having healthy food and regular workouts. This guy does not lift weights and says it is not good for young people.


6.    Arat Hosseini

This guy has the capacity to spin 360 degrees in a trapeze and also has the capability to perform pushups by keeping heavyweights in his back. He performs gymnastics and lots of strength.


7.    Dylan and Jessica Best

The passion for weight lifting and exercise has come from their parents. There was a documentary naming “The World’s Strongest Family” in their story. There was an estimation that they work out for about 240 in a week.


8.    Cosmo Taylor

At the age of 14 usually, Strongest kids are bust playing different types of games but Cosmo is a bodybuilder and passionate about his regular workouts. On the other hand, he also shares his bodybuilding stuff on social media.


9.    Richard Sandrak

At the young age of 2, Richard was able to do various types of exercise and was also able to perform hundreds of pushups as well as setups. He was born in Ukraine and is very strong.


10.    Naomi Kutin

At the very young age of 10, this girl was able to manage 215 lbs of the squat which is almost double than her body weight. She is very passionate about her regular workouts and has lots of strength.



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