This Week’s Top Stories About Bollywood Actresses Who Spend More Time In Gym Than In Home


Sonakshi Sinha

No wonders why she has to spend more time in gym. She started off her journey being really fat and bulky, but over the time we have seen her getting normal body shape and soon we may see her slim and perfect!!


Kangana Ranaut

She is always a little different from others and she loves to keep her body as it should be. She is the perfect example of the most perfect figure in Bollywood other than Deepika.


Katrina Kaif

She is the only Bollywood actress who can flaunt her abs just like the actors and her get up in every movie changes which keeps her engaged in gym all the time.


Neha Dhupia

You have no idea about the age of Neha Dhupia who was one of the best Bollywood Actresses of her time and she still looks perfect all the time and now you know the secret.


Deepika Padukone

Undoubted the fittest Bollywood Actresses at present. Everyone dies to see her superb figure and the secret of that lies in the gym where she loves to try out different exercise.


Sherlyn Chopra

She is that actress who you may like or hate but just cannot ignore. She is one of the best Bollywood Actresses when it comes to intimate scenes and this is how to waters the mouth of the male.


Mandira Bedi

Not exactly a popular actress but her contribution in every field let us pay respect to her. She is not that young as she seems to be and gym is her favorite activity.


Nargis Fakhri

She is just like Deepika, a gym freak. She spends most hours of her free days in gym trying to get desired shape of her mouthwatering figure.


Jacqueline Fernandez

She is a perfect example of fat to fit and the gym work is the secret behind her fresh looks and perfect curves.



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