Top 10 Brain-Damaging Daily Habits To Stop Immediately



There are many daily brain habits hat we have in your life that we take for granted thinking that nothing will happen because in short term there could not be any effect but in long term it can kill you brain habits

Brain-Damaging Daily Brain habits

No Breakfast

There are many busy people who get up late in the morning and have no time to do their breakfast. There are some who do not do breakfast and have lunch early. The brain habits does not get enough nutrient supply.

 Brain-Damaging Daily Habits no breakfast


Overeating on a regular basis leads to harden of brain arteries and hardening of article leads to lessening of brain and memory power.

 Brain-Damaging Daily Habits overeating


Brain habits Smoking kills or leaves you in a state of half-dead. It causes shrinkage of brain and one of the main causes of Alzheimer.

 Brain-Damaging Daily Habits somkeing

High Sugar Consumption

Brain habits High sugar leads to less absorption of proteins and less of brain development in children.

 Brain-Damaging Daily Habits high sugar

Air Pollution

As you may be aware of the fact that your brain requires the maximum amount of oxygen. Air pollution decreases the level of oxygen in air and leads to brain damage.

Brain-Damaging Daily Habits air pollution


Due to pressure of work and assignments, many people have to work staying awake at night and depriving themselves of sleep. It kills brain cells.

Brain-Damaging Daily Habits sleeplessness

Head Cover

Brain habits Many people have the habit of sleeping by covering their head with quilt at winter because can be tragic.

Brain-Damaging Daily Habits  head cover


Brain habits Overworking or over-studying with stress leads to damage in brain cells and the effect can be long term.

Brain-Damaging Daily Habits  stress

Lack of Conversation

Due to social media, people hardly have any intellectual conversation and this leads to lack of intellect int he long run

Brain-Damaging Daily Habits lack of conersation

Stimulating Thought

Thinking is a great way to keep your brain full of nourishment. Imagination can also help and so take your time to breath and imagine scenarios. Watch your daily habits.

Brain-Damaging Daily Habits stimulating thought


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