Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags In The World 2019


There are different types of bags available starting from handbags to crossbody bags. The handbags are the most popular and women want to carry the most expensive handbags to get social recognition. If you have the money to spend, we are listing down the top 10 most expensive handbags in the world from the most popular brands.

Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags in the World 2019

Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag($400,000)

This super-pricey bag comes with the construction of the real skin of the American alligator. With 1600 pieces of diamonds. Each of the diamonds is of 40 Karats. The Chinese singer Li Bingbing owns this Cleopatra clutch to match her awe-inspiring gown. This clutch has Bingbing’s name embossed with golden diamonds over white ones.


Hermes Birkin Blue Bag By Ginza Tanaka($1.9 million)

Designed by eminent Japanese designer, this blue bag is one of the trend-setting bags by Birkin bag. Created with highest-quality Platinum and 4000 pieces of precious diamonds, this bag is probably the second most expensive handbags of the year 2019. The main attraction of this bag that is has a pear-shaped 8-karat diamond in the center. It is one of the most expensive handbags to opt for if you can.


Judith Leiber Precious Rose Bag($92,000)

Created with 1016 diamonds, 1196 pink sapphires and 800 tourmaline stones, this unique rose-shaped sling bag by Leiber is one of the most expensive diamond bags in the world. Derived from premium-quality leather material, the whole bag looks stunning and stylish.


Diamond Forever Chanel Handbag($261,000)

This bag is the ultimate definition of class and elegance. Crafted with finest quality leather, this bag comes with the shoulder strap with the construction of pure white gold. Overall, this bag has 334 pieces of diamonds. These limited-edition bags have a total number of thirteen pieces.


Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse($3.8 million)

This bag holds the highest record in the Guinness Book of world record as the most expensive handbags of all time. With 18-Karat of gold, it took about 8800-hours of hard work to construct this beautiful heart-shaped handbag. This bag has around 9000 of several colored diamonds on it. This is the most expensive handbag in the world right now.


Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel Bag($150,000)

This Louis Vuitton bag has its inspiration from the best out of best. For its branding and Vuitton’s special design this bag turns out to be one of the most expensive handbags in this list. Made of chewing gum, water bottles, cigarette packets, and other trash items, this bag is very much price only for its distinctive concept.


Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Handbag($38,000)

This handy handbag by Marc Jacobs comes with the exquisite construction of pure crocodile leather. The segmented leather interior, as well as exterior, makes it bag extremely pricy and distinctive. This handbag comes with multiple separators and additional pockets for the convenience of the organization.


Tribute Patchwork Bag by Louis Vuitton($42,000)

Designed by eminent designed Louis Vuitton, this handbag consists of patchwork with the pieces of several handbags. This fashion designer has taken the design to the next level and hats off to the concept. Famous pop-star Beyoncé Knowles owns one of these twenty bags.


Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag($379,000)

To praise the honorary actress and singer Jane Birkin, the company has designed this handbag. Derived from high-grade crocodile leather, this bag comes with a clasp with 10 Karat of shiny white diamonds. The classy look of this bag has its cheap version only for $5000 by Hermes Matter to make this collection available for ordinary people.


Hilde Palladino Gadino Bag($38,470)

Designed by renowned Norway fashion designer Hilde Palladino, this handbag is simply expensive for its brand name. Made of supple yet hard crocodile leather, this classy-looking handbag has pure white gold clasps. This bag is price-worthy for its 39 pieces of premium-quality white diamonds.



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