Top 5 hottest female WWE wrestlers 2019


Pro wrestling is not just about alpha males. There are female wrestlers who can stand side by side with male counterparts. Apart from these wrestling and mic skills, it is their attractive quotient that drives fans to cheer them as soon as they make their entrance. Behind all the bells and whistles, here are the top 5 hottest female WWE wrestlers 2019.

Mandy Rose – WWE wrestlers

She is one of the best creations of god and she looks super attractive and a rising star of WWE at present. This diva is blessed with everything that makes her eye-catching among large numbers of female superstars. She comes with a superior look, toned body and outrageous charisma. In addition to this, she has been improving her wrestling skills at a faster rate and has come far away since her debut wrestling.


Alexa Bliss – WWE wrestlers

She is one of the most talented wrestlers in the roster and the foremost person when it comes to improving her wrestling skills. She is fire on the mic, and every wrestling fan dies on her looks. It seems that she went through lots of changes when it comes to her looks. Not only this, she is short but totally peerless with beauty, mic skill, improving wrestling skills and her ‘moment of bliss’ segment is truly blissful. She is currently considered the hottest female WWE wrestler.


Lana – WWE wrestlers

She is quite famous irrespective of less air time and extremely attractive female superstar of WWE roaster. By the year 2018, she is continuously trying to change herself from mouthpiece of Rusev to in-ring competitor. This lady is a natural beauty, and one should check her photos on Instagram. Her photos and videos can make your day. She is quite bold and wife to Rusev and needlessly to say, she shows off her beauty, and she is fire on the mic.


Cathy Kelly – WWE wrestlers

She is not a wrestler but an announcer and interview at the backstage. There is no doubt WWE has produced some of the gorgeous anchors, and Cathy Kelly tops the list. She is tall, beautiful, bold, and a sweetheart to die for. Due to her profession, she has to be put on super tight dresses, and her curves can make males blind.


Nikki Bella – WWE wrestlers

Though she has retired recently due to a cyst in her brain, she is considered as the hottest female wrestler of all time by many. She also underwent a breakup with John Cena recently. She is compared to Jennifer Lopez with extraordinary curves, and her moves can drive any man crazy. She also has a YouTube channel where she bared it all after reaching the 100k subscriber.



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