What Your Nail Shape Says About Your Personality And Future?


Nails are an important part of human life that gets neglected the most. There were doctors in the past who could predict the health condition of a person just by look at the nails. Today, we will look at what your nail shape says about you and find out how much of that is true about you.

1# Rectangular and Slightly Long

If your nail shape matches the above, then you are likely to have a bubbly character. You are rather extrovert and love hanging out with people. This could lead to several relationships. But you are someone who pays attention to details at work.


2# Broad And Flat-ish

You are a person who analyzes every situation and observes everything clearly. You are a good student and come out with clever solutions.

3# Round and Small

You are loyal and creative. But you can have a few heartbreaks. You are bold and stubborn. You go more by emotion than logic.


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4# Uneven and Small

You are quite nervous most of the time in your life and hence, you would not be able to approach the opposite gender openly. You will be self-centered and have a better life after marriage.


5# Square and Medium

You are a very hard working person and take the responsibility seriously. You do not take shortcuts and yet, you manage to keep a balance in life with fun-making with friends.


6# Triangular

This is quite rear but those who have it are the smartest. They get into got of relationships and one-night stands. You are hugely successful in professional life though married life can be troublesome.


7# Oval and Medium

You are a gentleman and introvert. You love to stay away from the crowd and you are sure to find your soul partner. Your work is your worship though you may not be super successful in life.

Oval and Medium


8# Unique Nails

You are likely to have a great time in life throughout. Your gender orientation and taste could be different but you would have to ability to cheer people up easily.

Unique Nails



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